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Drinking mead is like sipping liquid sunlight. Mead is an ancient form of brewing; possibly older than ale, beer or grape wine. Mead has long been drunk as a spiritual act to celebrate the holidays and used to fill the wedding cup. Today mead is growing in popularity as people rediscover the pleasures of this honey wine brewed from the nectars of millions of flowers.

Our flavors were created using the plants associated with the traditional seasonal Celtic holidays (select for details in box to right). In addition to flavorings, the plant materials provide all necessary acids, tannins and yeast nutrients.

Short Mead Kits

If you can boil water, you can make mead in 7 to 14 days...
with any of our kits, 2 pounds of honey & a gallon of spring water!

Includes Complete Instructions.
Contents make 4 bottles (750 mL.) of mead. Use kit within 6 months.

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Brigid's Mead

In homage to Brigid's healing aspect, this mead uses many culinary herbs with traditional healing uses in a balanced blend to promote clarity and tranquility. Great refreshing herbal iced tea flavor."

Product #001

May Mead

A light mead with the fresh flavor of sweet woodruff and floral notes...May Mead was created by combining elements of traditional herbal metheglins with the sweet woodruff traditional in May Wine.

Product #002

Midsummer Mead

This phenomenal floral flavored elder-flower metheglin is like the best herbal iced tea crossed with a light white wine.

Product #003

Lemon Balm Mead

Lemon Balm Mead has a fresh bright flavor, perfect to express the increasing sun and fresh green fertility of the Ostara season.

Product #004

Peppermint Mead

A refresing mead with distinct peppermint flavor offset by citrus & spice notes. Delicious chilled.

Product #005

Spice Mead

A classic spiced mead featuring ginger, cinnamon & nutmeg. Our most popular flavor & a good one to start with. Works over many different honeys, even stronger ones.

Product #006

Blueberry Mead

Blueberries combined with three seeds: anise, caraway, fennel & a touch of cinnamon make this mead a special treat -- especially for Lughnasa, the celebration of First Fruits of the Harvest.

Product #007

Raspberry Mead

Red Raspberries combined with three seeds: anise, caraway & fennel & the zing of ginger make this mead a special treat -- especially for Lughnasa, the celebration of First Fruits of the Harvest.

Product # 008

Elderberry Mead

Elderberry Mead, unlike many other meads, yields a fruity red wine flavor. It is pleasant sweet but also excellent dry for those who prefer a dry red wine.

Product #009

Blackberry Mead

Blackberry Mead is a real treat, based on Blackberries & Rosehips with Orange Peel, Lemon Verbena & Cardamon counternotes.

Product #010

Cherry Gal Mead

Cherry Gal is a delicious Cherry Melomel spiked with Galengal. Served when sweet, the honey plays against the sour cherry flavor for a splendid drink.

Product #011

Raspberry Lemon Mead

Why not brew your own hard Raspberry Lemonade? This is a modern flavor concept for our historic mead style.

Product #012

Kit Details

  • Our kits make it easy to brew short meads without any brewing apparatus or chemical additives.
  • Mead is honey wine similar to white wine, ranging from sweet to dry depending on when fermentation is stopped.
  • The brewer supplies two pounds of honey and a gallon bottle of spring water.
  • Short meads must be chilled until consumed.
  • Wildflower honey will produce flavors most like historic mead, but any honey works.

See our FAQ on Brewing for further details.

Flavors for the Celtic Holidays

Samhain - Blackberry & Spice

Yule - Peppermint & Spice

Imbolc - Brigid's

Ostara - Lemon Balm

Beltaine - May

Litha - Midsummer (Elderflower)

Lughnasa - Blueberry or Raspberry

Mabon - Elderberry