Ambrosia Farm


Once upon a time there was a curly headed boy fascinated by stories of dragons & swords. Likewise there was a girl with golden tresses who loved tales of talking birds, golden flowers & magical elixirs. As we grew up, we read many tales both imaginative & historical. Eventually we found each other & the lovely hillside & wood where we now live, which we call Ambrosia Farm.

Along the way, the boy learned to craft many things with his hands & the girl worked with the magics of plants in the soil & in the kitchen. Likewise, we both came to brewing mead. We offer our short mead kits in a variety of fruit and herbal flavors so that you too can brew your own mead in just two weeks. We are delighted to offer you handcrafts with an historic origin & Celtic themed art, including leatherwork.

What's New

Ambrosia Farm Short Mead Kits will be at Dagorhir's Ragnorak in the Dancing Pig booth! 

We are sending Ambrosia Farm Short Mead Kits to a lot more places nowadays with several other vendors - check our Events Calendar for all the shows where you can find them.

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